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Bachmann Construction is a diversified General Contractor located in Madison, Wisconsin.  The company was founded in 1954 by Fred and Ruth Bachmann.  It began in their basement as a cabinet building business.  It has now grown to employ more than 50 people and it performs roughly $20,000,000 in construction projects annually.

Fred and Ruth Bachmann didn’t just start a construction company in 1954.  They also began a tradition of excellence and quality service that has left an imprint on several communities in southern Wisconsin.  Projects such as the University Club and Barre Code in Madison are great examples of how that tradition lives on today.

The company’s diversity and specialization in Design Build projects allows for customers to come from several different fields of industry.  They want to create value for each customer.  This is achieved by the belief that it is their professional responsibility to address financial aspects of a project to ensure the clients return on their investment.  Bachmann Construction doesn’t just want to build the structure for their customers, they want to ensure it succeeds once the project is complete.

We do our best to understand how our customers work, or would like to work, in their new facility; what their company culture is and how they interact organizationally with their vendors, employees and customers. This helps us design and build better places to work and live.
Al Bachmann President, Bachmann Construction

Bachmann Construction strives to not only deliver service of the highest quality to its clients but also to its employees.  In an industry where turnover can be a road block to success for some companies, Bachmann has not only been able to mitigate turnover but they actually employ several second and third generation Construction Craft Laborers.  A contributing factor to their generational Laborers was a decision in 1967 to partner with the Wisconsin Laborers Union.

One benefit to a partnership with the Wisconsin Laborers is the Health and Pension funds are administered by a third party administrator, via the direction of both Labor and Management Trustees.  This partnership alleviates resources and time spent managing the health and retirement funds, by the company, while still delivering its employees with a family supporting wage package.  This decision by Bachmann Construction makes it abundantly clear that they want to provide people with a career and not just a job.

We want to employ people in such a way that they have a career. That they have a life worth living, they can support a family, they can go on vacation, they can go to the dentist when they need to.
Naomi Kroth Vice President of Marketing, Bachmann Construction

The Garver Feed Mill

Bachmann Construction delivers quality and excellence on every project.  If that alone isn’t enough, they also specialize in Historical Restoration Projects.  The Garver Feed Mill is exactly the type of project that requires a company with Bachmann’s reputation.  It requires a highly skilled, trained and safe contractor to reimagine, restore and reinvent this historic structure.

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